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Maani Ventures Cooperation with GJU

Maani Ventures believes that executing activities of educational cooperation is an integral part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with GJU.  Therefore, it has presented the students of GJU School of Architecture and Built Environment the opportunity to gain more knowledge about LGS technology by visiting Maani Prefab. Furthermore we are organizing a competition where participants from  the School of Architecture and Built Environment at GJU are requested to submit architectural designs that comply with three major criteria: a) suitability for implementation via LGS, b) utilization of green technology where possible, and c) optimal utilization of space. This competition will be an excellent opportunity to bring together student innovation, creativity, and knowledge as well as their instructors’ valuable expertise, guidance, and perspective.

Financial awards will be granted by Maani ventures to the owners of the top five designs.



Maani were reliable in every sense. working with us in developing the ideas. doing their job in the best way.
-Union Marketing Group