42 Jordanian Companies

42 Jordanian Companies Joint to “Accumulated Commercial Projects Growth” Program

Specialized Wood Est. "Maani Contract Furniture" has taken part in signing an agreement between Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDC) and 42 small and medium-sized enterprises. Those enterprises joined the Business Growth Acceleration Program "Accelerate with JEDC" launched by the Corporation to support the businesses and financed by Deauville GV and MENA Transition Fund through the financing arm of the European Investment Bank (EIB). The Program aims at supporting the partnership and investment in the Middle East (FEMIP) with a big budget, as those enterprises were selected according to their capability, chance to grow, and ambition to expand.

"Accelerate with JEDC" Program is one of the political industrial projects made and approved for the period of 2018-2022. The purpose of such projects is to support the industrial sector and help it develop, as JEDC undertakes the implementation of the first axis thereof, which is "Jordanian Industry Product Development and Creativity".