As a result of many years of designing laboratory casework layouts, we have come to realize that features like flexibility, functionality, and product range are vital when selecting your casework. We have also learned that the creativity & aesthetics of your casework reflect the image of both your facility and staff. Maani's comprehensive casework line is perfectly designed to meet all architectural standards. Its modularity enables you to be flexible, to remodel, and move on demand; furthermore, no tools are required when changing drawer configurations. Modular casework not only improves laboratory casework but also the office and paper work areas in your lab, allowing you the flexibility to adjust your table top and shelving system and enabling you to meet your practice needs efficiently through several means:

Creating wet or dry lab configuration
  • Adjusting and reconfiguring worktop height
  • Adjusting and reconfiguring shelving heights and inclination
  • Reconfiguring storage design with great flexibility and ease
  • Adjusting height and relocating truncation and cable management systems with utmost simplicity
  • Creating systems that fit any office concept utilizing a truncation system supported by the modularity and design

Maani Labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery as well as the latest materials and technologies. These include:
  • Phenolic resin, epoxy resin, and ceramic work surfaces, which make our laboratory bench solutions reliable and resistant to aggressive environments
  • Cantilevered work surfaces with height adjustment possibilities that improve ergonomics and maximize efficiency, comfort and safety
  • Wood or steel cabinets in a variety of door and drawer configurations with different heights and finishes
  • Steel structures that utilize powder-coating technology to to provide surfaces that can withstand chemicals and meet maximum durability and aesthetic requirements
  • Steel columns and connections with horizontal and vertical routes for power, data, and plumbing lines providing easy access to all utilities